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Cool Cucumber, Mandarin Orange, Rye Bread, Texas BBQ, Thai Ginger, Rosemary Garlic
RYE BREAD PREMIYUMM 151231 / GTIN 100-74203-15231
TEXAS BBQ PREMIYUMM 151235 / GTIN 100-74203-15235
THAI GINGER PREMIYUMM 151233 / GTIN 100-74203-15233
MANDARIN ORANGE PREMIYUMM 151236 / GTIN 100-74203-15236
COOL CUCUMBER PREMIYUMM 151237 / GTIN 100-74203-15237
ROSEMARY GARLIC PREMIYUMM 151234 / GTIN 100-74203-15234

PreGrilled Flatbread Panini

15 seconds to pefection

Just put ingredients on one side of bread (grill lines facing down), and put in oven until bread and ingredients begin to warm. Take out of oven and fold over for a wonderful panini sandwich.

19 Incredible Wrap Flavors

Available in standard & PremiYumm level flavors

With 13 standard flavors, and 6 PremiYumm flavors, we have the widest line of flavors in the industry.

Our wraps don’t stick, crack, or break, and have 60 day shelf life after slack out, or if kept at room temperature.

PreGrilled Wraps

Flame grilled for a striking appearance

Available in four popular flavors: plain, wheat, sun dried tomato, and spinach, both 10” and 12” sizes. Why not jazz up your sandwich standards?
Yumm Wrap
Why Aladdin PremiYumm Wraps are Better

While all Aladdin Wraps don’t Stick, Crack, or Break, when used as designed, our PremiYumm wraps have a dimension of flavor well beyond the competition, with creative and colorful flavors.

Although they can be frozen (for a 365 day distribution shelf-life), our wraps have a 60 day AMBIENT temperature shelf life. This means no more refrigeration needed. No more tying up valuable walk-in space. Our wraps are soft and pliable when needed!