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Plain or Sesame - Not the ordinary... flaky & crunchy, with that old-world taste
FLAVOR 5 LB BULK GTIN 5 LB BULK 150 x 2pk (PCs) GTIN 150 x 2pk
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WHOLE WHEAT 67058 100-74203-67058    

5 Lb Bulk Sesame or Plain Breadsticks

Best in Class!

We make the finest, most flaky, and delicious breaedsticks made.

2-Pack Sesame Breadsticks
(plain available in quantity)

Overwrapped to protect quality, and your customers

This is the perfect bread basket item, or to serve with a bagged lunch. Wonderful with soups, or just with a little butter.

Bulk Sesame Breadsticks

Very High Quality Breadstick

Sesame breadsticks. Perfect for dipping, or just eating out of the box.
Why Our Breadsticks are the Finest?

We have been baking breadsticks for over 30 years.

Our breadsticks have never been made in the fastest way possible. We have chosen quality over expedience. Our sticks are flaky, but not hard, Our sesame sticks have a generous sesame coating. You will enjoy it by itself, with soup, served with a dip, butter, or wrapped in your favorite deli meat.